Faithful Guide


Party meets Prax Day 12 Encounter Satyr’s Pipes

Prax is a typical Satyr, and dresses simply and has few possessions. He talks in a slight irish brogue.

Prax loves to dance, play his pipes and drink…oh does he like to drink. He is friendly unless met with outright hostility and will tend to get underfoot and in the way without meaning too. To those that befriend him he will show the ultimate loyalty, even if it costs him his life.

His possessions consist of a bedroll, a wineskin (usually empty), tinder & flint, master worked shortbow & arrows, master worked knife and his pipes.


Prax is a friend of the Faery Court and often visits with the Faery Queen. For all his drinking and cavorting he knows the Eldeen Reaches well, including the Faery Paths.

The Faery Paths can be used to cross great distances quickly but can be increadibly dangerous without a guide. And if the Faery Court is awake and fickly, dangerous even with a guide!

There are no trails unkown to Prax in the Eldeens.

Prax is a worshipper of the Traveller and has an innate sense for other followers of the Long Road.

Prax is well known throughout the Eldeen Reaches and is generally thought to be harmless.


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