Father Wolf

Grim Prophet of the Seven Moons Shining Tribe


Party Meets Father Wolf Day 19 Encounter Father Wolf

Father Wolf is a wiry, human about 5’ 8” tall with long grey hair and green eyes. He is clean shaven. He typically wears only a simply loin cloth even in the coldest weather and a very plain, but finely made chain of iron around his neck.

Tattooed on his Left Shoulder are seven cresent moons running in an angled line down towards and away from his elbow.

Father Wolf does not suffer fools lightly, but does have a very dry sense of humor.


Father Wolf is the Leader of the Seven Moons Shining Tribe. He is also a widely know and respected figure in the Eldeen Reaches.

Father Wolf is a worshipper of the Traveller and it is rumored that he is in fact a Lycanthrope that survived the Purge.

The Seven Moons Shining Tribe is a nomadic tribe in the Mountains that border the Demon Wastes. They control one of the main passes to the Wastes and are known for thier arbitray justice of any and all that trespass on thier land. Small, isolated and highly territorial; the tribe is made up of mainly shifters, with a few humans, half elves and half orcs.

Father Wolf

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