Good Trail Warden but horrible Singer


Party meets Patch Day 4 Encouter Patch

Patch is a warforged that, well, appears heavily patched. Almost every component of his body appears to have been scavenged and shows different degrees of wear and tear.

Patch is hardly ever seen without his faithful Mule. Who he calls….Mule.

Patch is intelligent, just not overlly imaginiative at times.


Patch served in the Armed forces of Aundair during the Last War. He was captured by Eldeen Rangers relatively early on in his service. Patch and other prisoners were interned until the wars end.

With the end of the War, Patch was released but choose to stay in the wilds of the Eldeen. Something of its primeal nature called to him. He took on odd jobs and eventually was hired by the Wardens of the Woods as a Trail Warden, someone who is responsible for upkeep of the various trails that snake throughout the Eldeens.

Patch can be found pretty much anywhere in the Eldeens and is widely known and liked. He is friendly and generous and will strive to avoid a fight if at all possible. Patch also loves music and loves to sing….however he tends to hum or sing with more enthusiasm than skill.


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