Bando’s description of Korash:

You are seeking a shifter. His name is Korash. He fought with the 2nd Eldeen Rangers in the Last War before deserting and turning Mercenary. It is known that he fought with the NightStalkers in Droaam right up until they were destroyed by the Three Hags. He then fought with some distinction with the Wild Hunt in their campaigns across the Five Nations. It is believed that up until recently he still worked as a mercenary from the City of Sharn.

Rumor has it he is back in Eldeen. Most likely he is visiting his family. His tribe is the Seven Moons Shining tribe. They are semi nomadic but are probably somewhere near here (he points out a location on a map). Seek out his Tribe and convince them to help you. That is your best bet. If that fails, seek him in Sharn.



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