Party meets Moriarity Day 1 Encounter Greenheart

Moriarity is a bald dwarf with no moustache and an intricaly braided goetee that hands down past his belt.

He is always dressed in fine silks and velvets with polished leather and his outer garb will have a silver ebroidered emblem of House Vadalis on it. He has soft, well manicured hands and wears plain copper rings on each ring finger….so plain and ordinary that they jar with his other clothing and demeanor.

Moriarity will generally be sharp, cutting but polite in any conversation.


Moriarity will generally be found in Greenheart with his Master Fenril. Where Moriarity is, Fenril is sure to be and vice versus.

Moriarity is somehow affiliated with House Vadalis through his master, but how, no one seems to know. Members of House Vadalis are non-commital to any questions regarding this.

Moriarity over-sees all of Fenrils business concerns. In particular he can often be found overseeing Iron Wheel, Fenril’s shipping business.

Iron Wheel ships iron ore from Droaam to the Eldeens. As the Druids allow very little mining to occur in the areas they control, iron ore can be shipped in and sold to them at a premium. Dealing with the Three Hags can be risky, but the coins that pile up make it worthwhile.

Iron Wheel hires many mercenaries to guard its caravans. In particular they seem to have hired many Emerald Claw soldiers recently.


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