Eyes of the Liche Queen Prequel

Session One
The Beginning

Rough Draft

The Players

  • Valenar Elf Ranger (male)
  • Changling Bard (female)
  • Talentia Halfing Barbarian (male)
  • Human Fighter (male)
  • Shifter Ranger (male)

Introduction The Last War has been over for four years. Four long years for some. The armies have disbanded, the warforged (in most places) given their freedom but this in turn means that honest jobs are few are far between. Sell swords and banditry abound and Nations that have been at war for a 100 years try to find their way in peace.

Each of you have been working odd jobs here and there. Scraping to survive mainly. Winter is fast approaching and the prospects of finding a snug warm location with gold in your pocket seems but dream. As you sit warming yourself in the Fall’s last warm rays of sun you spot an hawk circling overhead.

The hawk circles, lower and lower till it is mere feet over your head and then it abruptly lands near you. You watch it, and it hops a bit closer. You suddenly realize that a bit of parchment is tied to one leg. You coax the bird towards you and remove the parchment. Once freed of its message, the hawk leaps into the air and flies westward.

Curiosity besets you as you slowly unroll the paper. When the note is opened a single platinum piece falls out.

The note simply says:

I have a need for someone of talent and discretion. If you are interested come to Greenheart in the Eldeen Reaches no later than the First of Stormborn. Ask the First Warden to direct you to Moriarty.


You decide that it cannot hurt to hear out the offer. And the Eldeen Reaches are not so far away. You pack your meager belongings and take the first step.

The Green Way There are few real roads in the Reaches, but fortunately for you the way to Greenheart is on one of these roads. The road is a wide stone road, unexpectedly well cared for and relatively new. As you travel the Green Way you see few other travelers, but the few you do see you quickly fall into a rhythm with as there are designated camping areas and anyone who does not camp at these locations are rudely awakened in the middle of the night by grim eyed, cloaked warriors who examine your papers and direct you to the closet site. So, like it or not, travel with them or not, you have several trail companions that you share campsites with.

(at this point I had the each party member describe themselves).

The Valenar elf, appears sick, his skin has grey splotches as if it is dead, and he speaks in a slow raspy voice. He moves slowly as if his joints pain him. He deliberately avoids all but the most necessary conversations with anyone, and at night before bed he performs a ritual in which he smokes herbs (dream lilly) that have a pungent smell.

The Hafling has a tall bright red mohawk and crude tattoos on his arms. In conversation he is belligerent and aggressive. At night he works on his tattoos.

The shifter bears a large tattoo of the Silver Flame on his chest and proudly announces to one and all that he is a worshipper and true soldier of the Flame.

The human bears simple but finely made armor and weapons. He appears young and wide eyed and doesn’t seem to know what to make of his new found traveling companions.

The female human (really a changeling) is gregarious and outgoing. She often sings for the party at night and thrusts herself into the role of cook whether the others want it or not.

The journey down the Green Way is uneventful, if slightly tense. Both the Valenar Elf and Hafling are difficult to get along with. Both rangers find that creatures seem to avoid the Green Way and that if you wander to far away from it, finding your way back seems difficult. Shortly before reaching Greenheart, the travelers all discover that they are all travelling to Greenheart for the same reason.

Greenheart Day 1 of the adventure. Late in the day the party sees Greenheart ahead. The town itself is barely visable as it blends into the hilltop on which it sits, but two things draw the eyes.

One is a tall, thick hedge (10’ tall) that surronds the hill (in particular the long thorns) except for where the road cuts through it.

The second is the majestic pine tree that sprouts from the very top of the hill. The single largest pine tree any of the party has ever seen.


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